Parelloop Brunssum 10k


On the 1th of April I ran the Parelloop, a 10k roadrace in The Netherlands, going through a city called Brunssum. This race is pretty famous since it had the worldrecord twice. First Sammy Kipketer ran here the worldrecord in 2001 (27.18) and than later in 2009 Micah Kogo set the worldrecord at 27.01. I won the race myself in 2004, with a time of 33.25, but since than I never ran here.  

The race started fast, with Esther Jemutai leading from the start. I chased her and managed to get her at the 4k point. We passed  the 5k point in 15.45, which would lead us to a course record - the course record was 31.41. My younger sister Valentine Kibet was also in the race and she was following me! However, Valentine dropped after 5k and it was between me and Jemutai. She was a bit stronger than me and accelerated several times, trying to drop me. I could go with her until 9k and than I had to let go. Jemutai won the race in 31.33, followed by me in 31.43 and than my sister Valentine with 32.16. I was happy with this result. It shows to me that I'm almost back in topshape and I'm on the right track in my preparation for the Olympic Games.


Especially I was very, very happy with the result of my younger sister Valentine. She has been training for only a few years and this was her second time going abroad. She broke her personal best by 30 seconds and managed to beat 9 other Kenyans in this race! I am so proud of her.


By the way, about 9 days before the race I went to London to see the course for the Olympic marathon. It was an interesting to experience. I ran the whole course, which is a loop of about 12k, which will be run 3 times and than there will be an additional loop of about 5k. The course is going through the city centre and has many turns and some up- and downhill. I am sure it will be pretty tough to run there, especially in the middle of the summer. Now that I have seen it, I will be better able to visualize my race and also use that knowledge in my marathon preparation. 

My finish in NYC


New York City half marathon

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, Jay Bawcom, me and Hugo in New York


The day before the race: Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, Jay Bawcom, me and Hugo in New York.

NYC 1/2 marathon


Welcome to my new website! My brother-in-law, Ruben Brands, has created this site and from now on I will use it to update you about my training and races. 


This year, everything is off course only about 1 thing: The Olympic Games. On the 5th of August I will run the marathon. Last year I decided that the best way to prepare myself for that, would be to focus on shorter road races, like 10k and half marathon. This will help me to work on my speed and at the same time I will be able to stay fresh until the real marathon training starts.


On the 18th of March I ran the New York City half marathon. I have very good memories about that race, because in the year 2007 (in it's second edition) I won the race, in a finishing sprint with Catherine Ndereba. This year, however, the competition was so much stronger. I did not expect to win, but just wanted to run a good race. Well, i think I did!

Right after the start, Kim Smith from New Zealand started pushing and Firehiwot Dado from Ethipia followed her. i was in a chasing pack with Goucher (USA), Perez (Mexico), Cherobon-Bawcom (USA) and Rotich (Kenya), the winner from last year.


After 10k, coming out of central park, Kara Goucher accelerated very fast and I followed her. However, one kilometer later I dropped. From that point (12k), I was running on my own, in fourth position. Some ladies were chasing me, and I was chasing Goucher. I finished in fourth position, in a time of 1.09.42.


This race showed to me that my shape is getting better. I am not yet in topshape, but I still have enough time to work on that.




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