The Olympic marathon


Monday August 13


Eight days ago I ran the Olympic marathon. It was my first Olympic marathon - in 2008 I competed at the Olympic Games in Beijing, but I ran the 10.000m - and I was moderately satisfied with the result: number 24 (in 2.28.52). This week I took the time to relax and think a bit about my race.


I realize that it was a very tough race for me. We ran in the rain and soon after we started, I got a whole lot of water on my shoes, so my shoes got soaked and slippery. Because the course had a lot of turns, and the rain made the roads slippery, I was often afraid to fall. Off course, we all ran in these conditions, so it was tough for everyone I guess, but somehow these conditions made it hard for me to run as focused and aggressively as I wanted. I stayed in the leading pack for the first 18k or so. After about 18k I felt that the group was accelerating and I thought it was better to be smart and continue running my own pace. In that way I would not kill myself and hopefully be able to catch some ladies back in the last part of the race.

After I let the group go, I ran most part of the race with Isabella Anderson, a Kenyan lady who is running for Sweden. I think the plan to run my own speed, in stead of running with the leaders, was okay, but I felt that the energy that I needed to acelerate or maintain the speed in the end, was leaving me. The rain made my whole body feel cold and because of blisters on my feet every turn was a bit painful. In the end I was happy to finish the race in a decent speed and position.


The result was not what I had hoped for, because I still feel like I am in a better shape than what I have shown. However, I think with the conditions that we had, this was almost the best I could give. In the end I was number 24 and that was also my ranking before going into the race. The positive thing about this race is that I got some experience in running a race in an extremely competitive field, without pacemakers and in bad conditions. I am sure this will help me in the future, in becoming a more all-round marathon runner.


Now I am resting; sleeping a lot and no running. When I feel the energy to run is coming back, which will probably be in the coming week, than I will start jogging easy and make new plans for the rest of the season. I know I trained very well in Boulder and all the hard sessions I did, did not really give me what I hoped for in the Olympics, but it is not lost and it will help me in my future races.





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