2 May 2012


At the moment I'm back in Kenya, in Iten, where I train most of the year. Here I have the altitude, the good weather (most of the time) and my trainingpartners and pacemakers. I am happy with how my training is going. The shape is slowly improving.

This week I ran about 155 kilometers (96 miles), with the following important sessions:

- a 16k run on a hilly course, with alternating 1k in 3.15 and 1k in 4.00.

- a session with 12x 30 seconds uphill sprinting

- a 32k run (20 miles) in exactly 2 hours.

Apart from that I did another 7 sessions of 45-70 minutes easy or moderate running, and off course some strenght exercises for the whole body.


My next race will be the Göteborg half marathon on May 12. I am looking forward to that race and hope to do well, like in New York last month. The course is pretty heavy, I heard, so I don't expect to run a personal best, I just hope to run a good race.


After that race, Hugo and I will leave to Boulder in the USA. We rented a house there and will stay for about 2 months, so I will do the biggest part of my specific marathon preparation there. The reason I decided to go to Boulder, in stead of staying in Kenya, is that I want to get away from my normal life. Even though I can train very good here in Kenya, I still have some distractions. When I stay in Boulder, I am very sure that I don't have to care about anything, only running. And besides that, it's always nice to train in different places. I have been to Boulder some years ago and it's one of the best places to train.


This week my sister Valentine came back to Kenya, after running 3 races. As I wrote last time, she ran a personal best of 32.16 on the 10k and I am very proud of her.

Also, the rains have finally started, after a long time of drought. We have 5 cows, but they didn´t give us a lot of milk anymore, because it was so hot and dry. Now that the rain started, the grass will get greener and the cows will get healthier again. Also, Hugo and I started planting trees and flowers. We love planting trees, this time we planted about 230 flowers and trees in our compound, to make the place look beautiful.

The only problem with the rain is that our compound is sloppy and when it rains hard, a lot of soil is washed away. To prevent soil erosion and to avoid future problems, we are now trying to make some gutters and trenches to lead all the water out of our compound. So as you see, there are always things to do in Kenya. 



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